GRO- Deer and Bird Blend
  • GRO- Deer and Bird Blend

    Sunflower                                20%

    WGF Grain Sorghum               20%

    Buckwheat                              20%

    Soybeans                                20%

    Sunn Hemp                             20%


    Seeding Rate: 25 per acre

    Planting Depth: ¾-1”

    Planting Dates: 

    North: Jun 1-Aug 1

    Central: May 15-Aug 1

    South: May 1-Aug 1

    Herbicides: None can be used



    -Great screening option

    - Great annual bedding cover

    -Helps suppress weeds

    -Helps build soil organic matter

    -Winter energy source for deer and birds



    -Not cold tolerant

    -Needs to be planted deeper

    -Not wet tolerant



    Soil needs to be 65 degrees to plant. Once it freezes, this mix dies off.