CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 3+1

SKU: EO-CB000004

CuddeLink Dual Cell Starter Kit 3+1 Model 11421


Dual Cell Kit is the easy, low cost way to get started with cellular trail cameras. This 4 camera kit includes 4 cellular connected trail cameras that share 1 cell plan. 3 CuddeLink J-Series cameras send their images to CuddeLink Dual. Dual Cell uses Verizon LTE service to email or text the images to your smartphone, tablet or computer. CuddeLink Cell allows you to have up to 16 cameras on the network sharing 1 cell plan, saving your hundreds of dollars per year. 


Everything is included to deploy 4 cameras and get the images from all 4 sent to you via cellular service. 

  •  1 CuddeLink Dual Cell, model K-5789

  •  3 CuddeLink IR cameras, model J-1415



Megapixels: 20
Trigger Speed: 1/4 second
LEDs: 56 850nm
Flash Type: Dual Flash (IR & Black Flash)
Flash Range:100 feet
Battery Type: 6 x D
Cellular Service: Verizon 4G LTE



Megapixels: 20
Trigger Speed: 1/4 second
LEDs : 24 850nm
Flash Type: Low glow IR
Flash Range: 100 feet
Battery Type: 12 x AA

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