Banks Feeders 600
  • Banks Feeders 600

    SKU: EO-B000010

    The Feed Bank 600 is big – holding up to 600 pounds of feed – and mobile. The single post design of this gravity-fed deer feeder allows big bucks to feed unhampered and unharmed by multiple legs getting in the way. It also permits you to set up multiple deer feeding sites by installing 6×6 posts around your property for easy location changes.



    • Mounts on a single 6×6-post (not included).
    • Single post won’t interfere with or damage antler growth.
    • Large, watertight cover makes filling easy, keeps feed fresh.
    • Feed ports stand at an optimal height of 42-inches.


    Starting July 1st the price for all Banks feeders is going up between 10-15% so our prices will not stay this way much longer.


    Additional Info:


    UV Stabilized Polyethylene

    Feed Capacity

    600 lbs

    Feed Ports


    Feed Delivery


    Attaches to

    Tree, 6×6



    ***Due to high demand feeders and blinds are taking up to 6 weeks to ship out sorry for inconvience.

      Color: Alpine Green