Ani-Logics Braggin' Rights Attractant/Minerals
  • Ani-Logics Braggin' Rights Attractant/Minerals

    SKU: EO-AN0000014

    You might have grown up hunting with your Grandfather using attractants for whitetails to your hunting spot. Grandpa’s old proven secret has been upgraded! Shake, Pour, Attract! Don’t forget, as an Ani-Logics™ attractant, Braggin Rights® + Minerals Liquid Attractant contains the minerals your deer are probably lacking – Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese! It’s great for top dressing an existing mineral lick or for use in front of trail cameras. All three Braggin Rights® + Minerals Liquids have incredible attracting power to draw deer in and hold them on your hunting property.  Our exclusive Invisi-Scent® Technology is the secret deer attraction tool you’ve been looking for!

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